In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Elixir captures the attention of software developers and businesses worldwide. It can be surprising how versatile this programming language is in practice and how many things can be achieved much more easily than you ever thought.

Let’s explore the stories behind startups using Elixir software and discover thirteen promising Elixir-based products from various business domains.



Podium is a customer communication platform tailored for businesses that interact with customers on a local level. Today, over 100K local businesses use this platform, taking advantage of various features, including customer-generated reviews and contactless payment tools. 

Podium brings communications in one place and empowers users to get more reviews, and process payments and text marketing campaigns. It efficiently routes leads from different channels into a single inbox and enhances custom review request sending, directly linking customers to Google reviews or industry-specific websites.

The company’s tech stack includes Elixir, Phoenix, React, and PostgreSQL. They have been running Elixir in production since 2016, calling this <medium>“the backbone of what they do”.<medium>




The Swedish startup RemotiveLabs is a developer of the AutoTech platform designed to streamline the vehicle manufacturing process. The company is dedicated to the software-centric idea that lightweight and flexible tooling is the foundation for modern automotive development.

Their product is targeted at the automotive market, enabling businesses to democratize software development by providing greater access to technology. Volvo Cars is one of the early adopters of the RemotiveLabs platform.


The company demonstrates that Elixir is exceptionally well-suited for addressing automotive development challenges. By the way, one of the RemotiveLabs titans and the company's founder, Aleksandar Filipov, is known as a big fan of functional programming and a FP evangelist in the automotive space.




LiveFlow, founded in 2021, is an all-in-one financial reporting app designed to automate manual reports and centralize company accounts.

It allows businesses to transform their spreadsheets into a scalable FP&A platform by synchronizing real-time data from their accounting services, banks, and payment systems.

This UK Fintech startup uses Elixir/Phoenix app on the backend, deployed on AWS; React, NextJS, and TypeScript – on the frontend. The platform provides a rich toolset, including live client reporting, department budgeting, accounts payable analytics, profit & loss by project or location, cash flow forecasting, and more. 





Peek is a travel startup that combines business software with a marketplace. The latter is designed for consumers to book various activities, from wine tours and cooking classes to zip-lining and skydiving. 

The Peek platform offers online booking, point-of-sale, inventory management, dynamic pricing, marketing analysis, and other tools. It empowers tour companies to streamline their bookings and reservations while Peek's online marketplace allows travelers to book a diverse range of travel and outdoor experiences.

Since 2012, this NYC-based company has raised significant funding from investors to support its growth. This travel has already won several awards for innovation, including World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer and Newsweek Future of Travel.

All this time, Peek has positioned Elixir as their core technology, harnessing its capabilities to provide an advanced user experience and drive their business forward.



V7 is a cutting-edge training data engine for computer vision and generative AI. It empowers computer vision projects with data set management, image/video labeling, and one-click model training to automate visual tasks with minimal human supervision. 

The company focuses on the areas of life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, autonomous driving, and AgriTech. Genmab, Miovision, University of Lincoln, CattleEye, and MTC are among V7’s clients.

V7Labs uses Elixir, Phoenix, and Cowboy webserver to empower their platform with efficient data management and perform machine learning jobs. This technology was considered the best fit for the challenges ahead from day one, back in 2018.


Plausible Analytics

Plausible Analytics

Plausible Analytics is an open-source and lightweight alternative to Google Analytics written in Elixir. It is dedicated to reducing corporate governance and making web analytics more privacy-friendly by providing site traffic data without using cookies.




Malomo is a shipment tracking platform for eCommerce businesses worldwide.  It offers comprehensive shipment and carrier analytics, providing users with greater control and reducing WISMO (Where is My Order) tickets.

The company uses Elixir and PostgreSQL on the backend as a well-suited solution for enhancing the post-purchase experiences their product provides.

Founded in 2018, Malomo continues to grow and expand its opportunities. This US startup actively integrates with the Shopify ecosystem: in 2022, it officially introduced revenue-generating channels to Shopify agencies and consultants.


The RealReal

The RealReal

The RealReal is an online marketplace for the resale of authenticated fashion and luxury goods, with more than 25M members. The company positions itself as a sustainable business that supports the circular economy by giving a second life to pieces from hundreds of famous luxury brands.

The RealReal is known for its rigorous authentication process. The company engages rare specialists such as gemologists, horologists, and brand authenticators to inspect items for sale and verify their authenticity.

The company implements AI and machine learning for optimal pricing. In addition to Elixir software, the company's tech stack includes Ruby, React, and Typescript.



Fresha is a marketplace platform for beauty and wellness that enables consumers to book and pay for appointments. At the same time, beauty and wellness professionals use Fresha to manage their operations with its software solutions. This platform provides merchants with a rich toolset to streamline processes, including appointment bookings, point-of-sale, customer records management, marketing automation, and beauty products inventory. 


Founded in 2015, Fresha is currently used by 100K+ businesses and 450K+ stylists and other professionals.




Started as the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, today Bounce powers a global network of 10K+ local businesses that offer luggage storage and package acceptance.

It provides luggage storage in local shops which has scaled to more than 7K locations across 40 countries. Users simply need to download the app, choose a convenient location, drop off their bags, and enjoy the day. 

Bounce uses Elixir, Phoenix, and Absinthe (GraphQL toolkit for Elixir) in their tech stack.



RD Station

RD Station

RD Station is an all-in-one marketing platform for creating online campaigns. Today, this Brazilian startup is one of the largest SaaS companies in Latin America with 45K customers in 40 countries. 

RD Station develops software for digital marketing and sales automation, providing businesses with advanced tools to attract customers and expand sales. It offers a wide range of features, including email marketing, lead generation, customer relationship management, and analytics. 

RD Station received their first angel investment in 2012, coinciding with the milestone of their first 100 customers. The company’s  technology stack includes Elixir, Node.js, and Python.




Ulysse is a French startup that facilitates booking airline tickets using Elixir and Phoenix as a tech solution under the hood. Ulysse positions itself as a no-ads, no-popups, no-cluttered boxes, and, finally, no-hidden fees company. It eliminates changing prices from the start of a booking to the payment, and follows the idea of <medium>‘traveling with serenity’.<medium>




Denim (ex-Axle Payments) is an all-in-one financial platform for the logistics industry. It is tailored to freight brokers — the middlemen between shippers and carriers. 

Denim provides an entire ecosystem of financial products, empowering brokers to take control of their business operations. The platform manages invoicing, collections, and payments, and, in addition, provides access to debt financing.


Elixir projects continue to grow in popularity as companies recognize the benefits this technology can offer. It takes the best from Erlang, enabling development teams to introduce stability and scalability to their projects.

It has a lot of built-in tools that help to speed up the development process, achieve fast-paced MVP development, and deliver cost-effective solutions to businesses worldwide.

Freshcode helps clients to empower their Elixir products and make the best choices for their specific business needs. 

Let’s discuss your case and identify the most suitable approach.

In the upcoming article, we will explore the top famous Elixir companies, big players harnessing the power of technology. So, don’t miss out on more Elixir adoption success stories!

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