We design, develop and optimize JS apps implementing forward-thinking software solutions and clear elegant code.

How we can help

Freshcode helps businesses to solve their technology challenges via the most suitable JavaScript solutions.

Javascript application development
Freshcode development team delivers feature-packed scalable applications generating high-quality JS code and ensuring fast completion. Our goal is to provide digital stability using an up-to-date JS toolkit.
Dedicated Dev Team Outsourcing
Our outsourced JS team is ready to become your full-on tech partners. Freshcode will help you to validate your business model, ideate the process, write code, run tests, and deliver final maintenance & support.
JS Code Review
Even the most experienced developers make mistakes. This is where code review comes to the aid. Our developers do their best to provide complex and constructive feedback on submitted JavaScript code.
JavaScript Mentorship
Are you building a JS app or leading a JS development team? We provide remote mentorship adapted to fit particular business or educational needs, using video meetings with screen-sharing and hands-on coding.

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Benefits of JavaScript for business

JavaScript provides a universal toolkit.
So, how JS is beneficial for your business?

Simplified & Rapid Development
Double Combo: Frontend and Backend
Support: Easy Castling
Backed by Mighty Community Support
JS Multi-Tool: Versatileand Multi Purposed

What is JavaScript used for?

From e-commerce platforms and real-time data applications to on-demand apps like food delivery and taxi booking systems.

Interactive website components
3D rendering
IoT apps
Web & mobile apps
Web servers
Game development
Machine learning

Our JavaScript Development Stack

We want our clients to keep up with the ever-evolving tech world via JavaScript services matching their business goals.

Front End

— Nuxt.js
— Element UI
— Chakra UI
— Muse-UI
— HeyUI
— Element3
— Bootstrap Vue
— PrimeVue
— Vuetify
— Quasar
— Element
— Buefy
— TsLint
— Deno
— TypeDoc
— Zod
— Redux
— MobX
— Material UI
— Fluent UI
— Riot
— React Router
— Gatsby
— Razzle
— Next.js
— Blitz.js
— Aleph.js
— Draft.js

Back End

Runtime Environments
— Node.js
— Typescript
— Nest.js
Cloud Services
— AWS Lambda
— Google Cloud Functions
— Express
— Koa
— Fastify

Data Management

— MongoDB
— ElasticSearch
— Firestore
— Redis
— Kafka
— Oracle
— PostgreSQL
ORM frameworks
— TypeORM
— Sequelize
— Mongoose
— Bit

Testing your JavaScript code

Test your JS code, not your stress resistance.

Unit Testing
Jest, Mocha+chai, Storybook

Checking your app code and logic via verifying that an individual unit is working correctly before it is combined with other components. Kind of preparing ingredients prior to creating a culinary masterpiece or checking of reagents compatibility before starting the chemical synthesis process.

At this stage, we test limited pieces of code functionality by supplying input and making sure the output is as expected.Unit testing requires considerable time and effort to be confidentin each unit's correctness before their integration.

End-to-end Testing
Cypress, TestCafe

Also known as e2e and functional, this type of testing covers module interaction at a more aggregate level, unlike unit testing, which focuses on individual parts.

It's closer to the kind of interaction that end-users will have with the product. E2e tests usually ignore the internal structure of the app entirety and check it from the user's point of view. It's a fast and efficient way to cover the maximum base cases and save resources and make sure the overall system behavior meets project requirements.

Integration Testing
Jest, Mocha

This level of testing aims to expose possible bugs with in the interactions between integrated software modules.
It includes connecting different parts of your application
or connecting two different apps in the umbrella project.

Each unit possesses different programming logic that may affect other modules after their integration (especially
if they were created by different developers). Therefore, integration tests focus mainly on the interfaces and data flow amongst the modules to ensure system parts don't interfere with each other in different combinations.

API Integrations we work with

Anything that can be connected, will be connected.

Payment systems
apple paygoogle pay
CRM systems
Social media platform
Video platform
Cloud systems
google drive

JavaScript Community Support


Our customer stories

In our clients' success we trust.

content aggregator app case
Content aggregator app
Name: Tipster
Industry: Media
Technology: React, React Native,
Node.js + Express, GraphQL, PostgreSQL
Country: USA
web erp system case
Web ERP system
Name: TruEnergy
Industry: Energy & Utilities
Technology: React.js + Redux, NodeJS+Express,PostgreSQL, AWS
Country: UK
property management system case
Property management service
Name: No White Walls
Industry: Real estate
Technology: Vue.js, Node.js, Airtable, PostgreSQL, AWS
Country: UK


Feedback is a gift.

ulrik with andersen
Ulrik With Andersen
Founder, CEO Educadio
We have been working with Freshcode and their programmers for almost 2 years and we highly recommend them as development partners. We highly value their abilities to deliver on time, their hard competences at writing solid, scalable code, etc., but mostly we value their ability to think up and design innovative yet solid solutions. Educadio trust them with all our software developments.
victoria lagodinsky
Victoria Lagodinsky
Founder, CLIENT1ST Software
The system is streamlined and efficient, saving the internal team 30-40 minutes every day. FreshCode is an exceptionally reliable partner. They are willing to work extra hours, learn new technologies, and onboard additional resources to deliver the best possible product.
brian mccauley
Brian Mccauley
CO-FOUNDER Cytrine LLC playattention
FreshCode is a company that has earned my absolute trust and confidence by consistently proving their abilities over the past year. They have repeatedly gone above and beyond my expectations in a professional and courteous manner in their development and management efforts. They have met all their deadlines and accomplished all their work during every sprint without failure. It's very easy for me to recommend FreshCode to absolutely anyone without hesitation. Our business will remain with FreshCode for all future projects.


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