The application facilitates utility broker integration with large electricity and gas suppliers. The system enables efficient end-user registration with utility supplier as well as account management and bill payments.

The system ensures full automation enabling a small team of employees to handle numerous utility broker clients.

Business Benefits

End users can quickly and effortlessly register with gas and electricity suppliers

The broker is capable to service numerous end-user sand manage their meter readings, service, and payments

Automation of connecting and disconnecting users from the supply

Enabled reporting: generation of utility consumption reports and payment reports

Full integration with broker's billing system including automatic flow of data in both directions

Client's Requirements First Hand

I wanted an application that would establish efficient cooperation between utility (gas and electricity) suppliers and my utility broker company. The core purpose of the system was maximum automation that enabled a small team of employees to handle large data volumes and numerous customers.

The system was required to work 24/7 and have an intuitive user-friendly interface. Security was a big concern since secure access to sensitive data was a must. I also required automatic report generation to enable data driven decision making.

Daniel Cohen, CEO of Tru Energy

Freshcode Team was tasked with

Automatic data validation
Turnkey development of a web-application
Integration with utility supplier's computer systems
Establishing quick and stable data exchange between multiple company applications deployed over a number of servers

Freshcode Services Rendered

Business analysis
ux design
Setup and launch of the application on AWS
Frontend & Backend development
Ongoing application upgrades
Technical support throughoutall development stages

Interface Templates Design

design case
design template
web app development
utilities app development
truenergy design template
truenergy ui ux design
ux ui design

Technical Challenges


The team had to research a complicate set of technical specifications provided by the utility suppliers to ensure the application's compatibility with their software. As it often happens during the initial phases of greenfield projects the requirements tended to change however despite these difficulties the team delivered the product on time.

The FreshCode team selected a technology stack that facilitated flexibility and quick adaptability to changes. React + Redux, Express NodeJS and ECMAScript 6 allowed the team to reduce the time spent on code modifications.


Freshcode experts designed and developed the application that ensures data securit and incorruptibility. The app enables users to receive, process, and send information to utility suppliers' and broker companies' servers. The team applied Agile development methodology to implement high-quality product within the specified timeframe.


Automatic data validation at every touch point was among the most critical requirements. The system was supposed to ensure data integrity and check for before transferring it to suppliers' or broker company's servers. Extra data validation was necessary before merging it with the information available in the company database.

The Freshcode team established automatic XML files exchange between companies' servers, including xml message ingestion, data validation, data parsing, error report generation, and error reporting.

This requirement was fulfilled through the use of several libraries and technologies:

Data transfer was based on an FTP library;
Server and process clusterization enabled rapid data processing under single-thread conditions;
Data validation rule based system was also put in place.
These solutions ensured rapid
data volumes.

Technology Stack

React.js +
express framework
Express Framework
gitlab ci
GitLab CI
External services
amazon web services
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Core Features

Electricity and gas end-users registration for personal and commercial data
User-submitted data validation
Integration with company internal systems
Key events notifications
Flexible entitlement model for different user levels
Meter readings processing
Client invoicing
truenergy case
truenergy freshcode
truenergy web app
web application development

Project Details

Freshcode Team
Business Analyst — 1 (part-time)
Full stack developer — 1 (full-time)
Full stack developer — 2 (part-time)
Project manager — 1 (part-time)
Project Implementation Time
Web-application — 3,200 hours
New features are still being added


The app developed by FreshCode implemented all of my requirements. It's a business ready to go. The finished app allows our small team to manage large data volumes which is crucial at the early stages of the company's development.

The team fulfilled all tasks in time. As the business develops we are still working on new features and upgrades. I appreciate and value the high-quality results delivered by the FreshCode team.

Daniel Cohen, CEO of Tru Energy
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