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Recognized Yourself? It’s Time to Launch an MVP

Dissatisfy with the current solutions to the problem

For example, you have noticed that existing project management tools don't meet your team's needs, so you can build an MVP that incorporates features that will make your team more productive

Want to attract investors

An MVP lets you test the waters with minimal investment, allowing you to pivot or abandon an idea quickly if it's not viable. For example, Zappos started as an MVP and pivoted from selling shoes to becoming an online retail giant

Feel time-to-market pressure

An MVP allows you to test your idea with the target audience quickly to stay ahead of competitors. For example, Dropbox released an MVP that attracted 70,000 sign-ups in one day

Have limited resources

By starting with an MVP, Clubhouse (a social audio-based networking app) was able to gain valuable feedback from early adopters. In fact, within a year of launching, Clubhouse raised $110 million in funding and was valued at $1 billion

Absolutely free
and Notion powered
To save you time and budget, we prepared a self-guided discovery checklist. It's a simple and free roadmap to identify the key points on your product development journey.

Our Customer Story

crp butler case
CRP Butler
\ Rental Management App
Country: USA
Industry: PropTech
Client’s request: Full stack MVP development of a web application that will allow landlords in Minnesota to automatically generate Certificate of Rent Paid forms for each of their renters.
4,000 CRPs
15.7x higher revenue
17x paying customers
“This application has allowed me to significantly grow my business across all my KPIs”
Dominic Scheck,
founder of CRP Butler

Choose MVP Plan for Your Startup

from $5,000
from $25,000
MVP on steroids from $45,000
Initial Discovery & Estimate
Feature selection, Project Management workflow organization
Create architecture for your product
Create UI/UX wireframes of product
Create Interactive prototype
Create MVP
Infrastructure deployment for your project
Personal Brand design + One Landing Page
Two months MVP support
Creating Mobile APP for iOS and Android
Marketing strategy for the first month (How to create an Ideal Customer Persona, How to find Early Adopters, etc.)

Meet Our Expert Squad

Project discovery and estimation
Outcome: product requirements
document, precise timeline with an aligned budget, data-based idea validation
UI/UX wireframes and interactive prototyping
Outcome: initial wireframes, branding, and final UI/UX
Skip MVP
Conquering your market at random and risk of burning a budget
Choosing the right tech stack and architecture design
Outcome: technical documentation, project architecture, and list of features with a detailed number of hours
MVP development and testing
Outcome: a ready-made web/mobile app that conveys the main idea and helps to get early feedback from customers to improve your product before launching
Skip MVP
Conquering your market at random and risk of burning a budget
Accept MVP
Covering vital needs and ensuring it fits your customers' needs

Client Success Stories

dominic check
Dominic Scheck
Founder at Butler
“This application has allowed me to significantly grow my business across all my KPIs. In the season prior to working with Freshcode, I generated 100 CRPs, then 300 last season, and over 4,000 this season. After launching the 1.0 application, my revenue was 15.7x higher, with 17x as many paying customers. I would not have been able to do that without the application Freshcode developed.”
adele theron
Adele Theron
Founder, Naked Divorce
“Our revenue has doubled in the last year, thanks in part to the fact that they developed a platform that’s leagues ahead of our competitors. I'm a raving fan of FreshCode. I can talk about them until the cows come home.”
nikolaj hendriksen
Nikolaj Hendriksen
Founder & CEO, Hi Rasmus
“We have seen 20% monthly growth in our customer-base since the first deliverables from Freshcode. We are now the only platform in our category able to deliver a HIPAA compliant TeleHealth solution.“
kirill mikhailov
Kirill Mikhailov
Founder at Montage Social
I was very happy with the level of knowledge Freshcode had for developing my app. They were able to solve every issue and implement every feature in a timely fashion. They were also very reasonable with pricing estimation and payment schedules.

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