Hi Rasmus

Providing access to specialized medical care via eConsultation

Hi Rasmus was inspired by the founder's son, Rasmus, who was diagnosed with autism at an early age. His father was fully devoted to lessening the burden on parents, children, and therapists who work with autism and thereby became
a founder of an impact enterprise. Today Hi Rasmus benefits children with autism all over the world and provides access to behavioral health consulting services.

Application type:
Telehealth/Patient education
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Hi Rasmus and Freshcode partnership path

Social impact
Freshcode prides to deliver services to people who need medical care at the moment, and that is the most powerful engine to move forward and create the best possible solutions.
From consulting to comprehensive collaboration
Our partnership with Hi Rasmus started as a consulting. Together we identified business problems and their causes, including software development challenges and human resources issues. Eventually, we turned into fully involved project partners providing software development and business management services.
Clear goals and requirements
The client's clear view of a future product, from design and feature set to full app's business logic, is what helpedus to achieve set goals together and avoid wasting time and resources.

Freshcode & Hi Rasmus: Mission complete


Software Development

HIPAA Compliant TeleHealth Solution
We've developed a platform for virtual communication from any location via 1:1 video chats. Calls take place in a secure environment avoiding delays in care and ensuringshared information is protected.
New Subscription and Payment System
The Freshcode team has fully optimized the payment system, subscription model, and therapists' person-hours billing processes.
Mobile Version
We've created apps for Android and iOS using web technologies with minor code changes. The Ionic Capacitor framework was chosen as the tool for speed, cost-efficient, full fledged mobile experience.

Project Management

Workflow Automation
We've put management processes on the operational side to structure resources and organize processes using professional management tools.
Schedule Management
Freshcode PM has made clear schedules and task handling systems to best use our team efforts and the workload she managed.
Communication Plan
Our project manager has built a well-set collaborative environment between developer sand QA teams for more efficient cooperation.

QA Testing

Test Environment Configuration Issues
Our team has prepared a clear stagingand test environment with all required management tools.
Regular Security Risks
Hi Rasmus app is regularly tested for vulnerabilities by Freshcode QA engineers to avoid cyber threats.
Scaling and Performance
Freshcode enforced permanent test processes to handle the challenges that scaling brings and to facilitate developers' work.

List of features we've implemented

Live Video
Users communicate with therapists via protected private 1:1 calls that have basic options mute/unmute microphone and turn the camera on/off.
Therapy Scheduling
Users communicate with therapists via protected private 1:1 calls that have basic options mute/unmute microphone and turn the camera on/off.
Push Notifications
Sending push notifications for special announcementsand appointments, including invitations to the lessons and 'just in time' reminders so users don't miss scheduled video calls.
Optional 2FA
We've implemented basic login features such
as providing forgotten password support and
the possibility for the user to turn on two-factor authentication optionally.
Manager, Therapist, and User Dashboards
We designed simple and intuitive dashboards for everytype of user depending on their needs and duties.
Subscription-Based Pricing Model
Users can choose a type of subscription (Basic or Premium) which vary in the number of available lesson hours per month.
To ensure the integrity of users' documents via Signed URLs service providing limited permissionand time (4 hours) to make a requestby the person in possession of the URL.
Files Load
Hi Rasmus gives an opportunity to load text and image files with just one tap for tracking and organizing patient history.
Application is adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes (using Google Translate API).
Offline Support
Hi Rasmus is a progressive web application (PWA) which means it's network independent and available offline.

API Integrations

Stripe API
Payments system integration
stripe api
Twilio API
twilio api
Google Translate API
App internationalization
to adapt it to various
languages and regions
without engineering changes
google travslate api
Bugsnag API
Error monitoring and app stability management
Google Transcoder API
On-the-fly video processing and optimization

Development Challenges: Issues and Solutions

HIPAA Compliant App
Firebase (Google) doesn't sign a business associates agreement (BAA) and is not configurable in a HIPAA-compliant manner.
It turned out that Google makes exceptions
on a case-by-case basis to accept products
as HIPAA-eligible if they have done due diligence.

The Freshcode team implemented so-called HIPAA Technical Safeguards, including Access Control, Audit Controls, Integrity, Transmission Security
to forestall identity theft and scam.

We used IAM in GCP to secure Hi Rasmus data
with Firestore and signed BAA to satisfy HIPAA regulatory requirements.
hipaa app
Secure 1:1 Video Calls
Make the video conferencing system reliable and secure and protect it from any data breach risks.
Given that Hi Rasmus is a HIPAA-covered
type of app, we focused on its compliance with regulatory acts.

We used Twilio cloud service to perform P2P communication and to provide the privacy required. Twilio doesn't intercept the media in P2P rooms, so it's not possible to record or to transcode video\audio calls in Hi Rasmus or to make it interoperate with other services.
Distributed Data Storage
Comply with the data privacy policies of each country and state.
Locally maintained databases in the USA,
Europe, Canada, and Australia were divided
and organized for low latency environments
and data security.

All trackable data collected from the app
clients is cloud-based and stored in distributed secure servers, so HIPAA compliance was easier to achieve.
healthcare app

Project Details

Services rendered
Web Development
Mobile Development
Project Management Flow
Full-stack Developer
Frontend Developer
Project Manager
QA Engineer
January 2021 — to date
We have seen 20% monthly growth in our customer-base since the first deliverables from Freshcode. We are now the only platform in our category able to deliver a HIPAA compliant TeleHealth solution.
Nikolaj Hendriksen, Founder & CEO, Hi Rasmus

Lesson we've learned

The Freshcode team has endeavored to make
a distance training system as interactive as possible and build a community-like Hi Rasmus environment
with high-quality parent training and communication. We were focusing on the 3 key aspects:
HIPAA-compliance app keeping the privacy of individually identifiable health information
user-intuitive interface and simplified UX
fully optimized app's productivity
We hope we've successfully contributed to the process of transforming impersonal healthcare consulting into interactive and informal communication.
We believe such products will expand the reach movingpast geographical and scheduling constraintsand will reshape the industry thanks to innovative digital enhancement.
We thank our client for his clear view of a future product and deep expertise that helps us to achieve all set goals together and continue this partnership with mutual understanding.