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Frequently ask guestions

Is the first consultation free?

First Freshcode consultation is free. During this conversation, we will discuss your needs and expectations – whether it be creating an MVP, staff augmentation, or scaling an app. Freshcode specialists will make recommendations on how best to approach your business case, and how to achieve the best outcome.

Also, at the first consultation we will endeavor to provide you with rough costs and time estimation. If you are interested, fill out this form to book a free one-to-one consultation with the Freshcode business development manager.

How do you guarantee data security and compliance with agreements?

In the initial stage, our business development team requests key project information such as scope, timeframes, or business challenges you want to solve. We ask only for the data we need for project analysis and delivery estimation, avoiding any extra info to prevent risks for both sides.

Freshcode ensures confidentiality by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), guaranteeing privacy and a confidential partnership. Our team carefully analyzes the received information and determines the next steps of cooperation to offer approaches for achieving the best results. All subsequent collaboration takes place under the non-disclosure contract and its regulations.

What is the typical development workflow at Freshcode?

Freshcode is fully engaged in the process throughout the entire project life cycle, from project setup to release and post-release support.

We know for sure that a good beginning ensures a good ending. That's why we prioritize thorough analysis and preparation in the initial stages to prevent scope creep and budget overspending. This is how Freshcode starts the development process with a clear and focused approach.

Here, you can find a step-by-step guide for Freshcode clients, from the initial request to the delivery.

How do you ensure transparent communication on the project?

We do our best to provide effective project  management and meet our clients' expectations. The first step is establishing transparent communication, which includes:

~ online meetings (touch-base conferences, project check-ins, on-demand check-ins)

~ daily progress tracking accessible to all key stakeholders

~ project progress reports and updates  

To learn more about Freshcode's communication workflow and the tools we use, please contact us and get all the details.