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Developers Happiness or Why Our Team Chooses Clojure

March 28, 2024
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Are you tired of unnecessary complexity, unmanaged state, and tangles of spaghetti code? Just join the Clojure side! We at Freshcode have been using Clojure for 7 years now, and we are happy with it. :-) In this blog post, we want to share with you why Clojure became our choice and how we embarked on our unexpected Clojure journey.

Clojure is a dialect of Lisp programming language that runs on the JVM. Java has spawned several languages that use its virtual machine, including Scala, Kotlin, and Clojure. The latter was designed by Rich Hickey to be a general-purpose functional language suitable in the same areas where Java is applicable. Clojure released as an open-source project in 2007.


Soon it was described by ThoughtWorks as a "simple, elegant implementation of Lisp on the JVM" and became a favorite among developers worldwide, including the Freshcode team. Merging the flexibility and agility of Lisp with the stability and performance of the JVM, Clojure won our hearts and became one of the core solutions within the company.

What happened to Clojure in 2023?

Considering Clojure 2023 survey results, this year this year marks the peak usage of Clojure in the workplace, along with the growing community. Clojure has been widely adopted across different industries, including <medium>finance, analytics, climate and biology science, healthcare<medium>, and startups worldwide. It is primarily used in FinTech services, enterprise software, and consumer commercial software.

According to the 2023 survey results, 10% of the interviewees (174 out of 1743) <medium>started using Clojure for the first time this year<medium>. This trend indicates that Clojure attracts newcomers, leading to a growing community that delights Clojure enthusiasts.


Why Clojure is our core expertise

Perfectly joining individual elements into a coherent whole is the highlight of Clojure. Developers call it "the most stable technology" and "a safe zone where sanity is kept alive in the world of churn and constantly pumping changes just to create 'buzz'."

As for us, Freshcode shook hands with Clojure language in 2013 for the first time, and these years have been an incredible journey filled with challenges, discoveries, and achievements.

Here is an overview of our Clojure development story, highlighting the most significant figures and events.:

We embarked on our Clojure development journey in January 2013, creating our own product. It was an eCommerce platform for intelligent purchasing. The decision-making process involved choosing between Clojure and Ruby on Rails. Our founder chose Clojure due to its concise syntax, rapid development pace, and its programming paradigm.

One year later we won our first commercial client in Clojure from Australia.

By January 2015, our Clojure team had expanded to four members, and we had successfully integrated Clojure into three of our projects to address specific business needs and challenges.

2016 — throughout the year we collaborated already with three clients for education, politics, and eCommerce. The following year, we undertook a project for a biotechnology company and expanded our Clojure team to six members.

November 2019 — another finance product in our portfolio. The team grew to 11 members, amassing a combined Clojure experience exceeding 100 years. In March 2020, we initiated a Clojure and functional programming community in our city.


Why and how to learn Clojure [developer insights]

In this section, we've shared our firsthand experience and insights from our Clojure developers. We invite you to discover how to become a Clojure developer and to fall in love with your job.





What is the future of Clojure software development?

Such business giants as Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, Soundcloud, Atlassian, and even government agencies such as NASA have embraced Clojure or ClojureScript. This clearly demonstrates the relevance and competitiveness of the language, despite not being ranked at the top of the most popular programming languages lists. However, Clojure remains among the highest paid programming languages. And here you can be inspired by the success stories of various businesses that have chosen Clojure for their software development needs.

Clojure has not only introduced programmers to the advantages of functional programming but has also empowered businesses with robust, practical, and swift results. The future achievements of this language promise great potential. And in Clojure we trust. :-)

So, let's discover Clojure's capabilities and leverage its speed and reliability. Contact us via the website form or on LinkedIn for a consultation on Clojure development solutions tailored your business case.

PS: We are currently in the process of preparing the second part of our Clojure development story. Stay tuned!

Frequently asked questions

Is Clojure good for web development?

Clojure is a dynamic, functional programming language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and it has a strong emphasis on immutability, concurrency, and simplicity. These characteristics can make it well-suited for certain aspects of web development

Ultimately, the suitability of Clojure for web development depends on your specific project requirements and business needs.

What does Freshcode use Clojure for?

The Freshcode team has been creating Clojure products since 2013, leveraging all the advantages of the JVM and its native support, as well as Lisp's functional features. We have released a number of apps during this time, spanning across healthcare, bioinformatics, eCommerce, utilities & energy, and other industries. We warmly invite you to explore our Clojure development projects together.

How hard is it to learn Clojure?

The difficulty of learning Clojure, like any programming language, can vary depending on your prior experience and your familiarity with other programming paradigms.

The basics of functional programming is often the primary challenge when learning Clojure. There are some aspects that can be a bit challenging. For example, the unfamiliar syntax can be a challenge for beginners. However, once mastered, it provides a very convenient way of coding.


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