Pheonix CRM

The web application facilitates the provision of electricity, gas, water, cable and broadband services for multiple occupancy rentals.

phoenix crm

User-friendly online subscription management

Huddle Utilities is using Phoenix CRM administration panel as a customer management and a billing system for their business.

The admin panel allows full automation of customer acquisition and lifecycle as well as billing, payments, reporting, analytics and connectivity to the accounting system.

Phoenix CRM is a complex piece of software that completely replaces manual work and removes the need for tools such as excel, online databases and other.

Assess current utility service status
Pay utility bills
View electricity usage graph
Automate payments
Perform utility rates review
Enable and disable services of different utility suppliers

Client's Requirements First Hand

I needed a web application that would replace my current semi-manual way of managing my business. I needed to enable my employees to quickly register new customers, enable and disable utility services and allow tenants to transfer meter readings and pay the bills. I also needed to record supplier bills and make sure we charge clients correctly. I required data analytics and reporting to enable smart decision making and having data insights to optimise business decisions. The application also needed to be compatible with desktop and mobile devices

Huddle Utilities, Daniel Cohen & Paul Garmeson

Services rendered by Freshcode software

Extensive business analysis of the requirements
Backend and website development
Security hardening
Production maintenance and ongoing support
Designing smooth and powerful web user interface for customers and internal employees
Mobile application development for recording meter readings
Testing and Deployment on Amazon Web Services

Project Details

Freshcode Team
Project manager — 1 (part-time)
Business Analyst — 1 (part-time)
Full stack developer — 3 (part-time)
QA — 1 (part-time)
UI/UX Designer — 1 (part-time)
Project Implementation Time
Web-application — 7,900 hours
New features are still being added
Project manager — 1 (part-time)
Project manager — 1 (part-time)
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FreshCode Team has been extremely professional. The team fulfilled my requirements in their entirety. Given the full data transfer from the old application, we adjusted to the new system quickly and painlessly. The app developed by FreshCode Software allows us to establish effective cooperation with tenants, utility suppliers and agents.

Our business has risen to a new level thanks to the implementation of this solution. Cooperation with FreshCode team of professionals enabled us to meet business objectives on a tight deadline. We have launched the app and are now working with FreshCode on improving it further.

Huddle Utilities, Daniel Cohen & Paul Garmeson

Technology Stack


React, Redux, Immutable.js, Redux-Form, Apollo, Material-UI, Recharts.

Code quality

ESLint, SonarQube


Jest, Enzyme


NodeJS, GraphQL, PostGraphQL, Express, Nginx, Certbot

External services

Amazon Web Services (S3, SES), Global Iris


Docker, Rancher + Gitlab CI


Webpack 2, Babel, SASS + PostCSS