Streetlogix: Street Asset Management Platform

streetlogix case
Streetlogix is a highly customizable asset management app for the public sector that enables municipalities to manage roadway infrastructure more sustainably and efficiently:
cloud-based multi-module system
set of tools for data analysis and road repair planning
data-driven decision support for budgeting and forecasting
integration of civic engagement, work order processing, and asset management

Project benefits

For local governments and municipalities
quick response and efficient resource management
road traffic optimization
greater transparency in public work processes
streamlined end-to-end report fulfillment
accurate data-driven budget estimation
optimized value from maintenance and repair budgets
improved cross-team collaboration among government departments
For road repair and maintenance providers
providing public work dispatchers and workers with automated tools
seamlessly tracking, organizing, and addressing requests
converting service requests into work orders
scheduling and management tools that eliminate routine and repetitive manual work
data-driven support for launching corporate social responsibility projects

Client's story

Web Development
and Scaling Strategy
Freshcode and Streetlogix cooperation started in 2020. The client approached us for web development to achieve scale and improved performance. Later, we started working on the mobile development part.
Mobile Development and Data Migration
Streetlogix was originally a native-mobile app, which resulted in costly and time-consuming scaling, support, and maintenance. Together with the client we made the decision to completely rewrite the app using React Native to address the mentioned issues.
Optimized Development Costs
and IT Support
We moved from native iOS and Android codebases to the cross-platform React Native development. This code can run on multiple platforms, reducing the need for separate codebases and streamlining the development process. As a result, we achieved cost savings and faster development cycle.

Project details

freshcode case
Full-Stack Developer, React Native Developer,
QA Engineer, Project Manager, Business Analyst
Total project duration:
August 2020 — February 2022

Mobile app development:
October 2021 — February 2022
Services rendered:
Web Development, Mobile Development,
Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing

Users types

Key user types within the app:
User / Dispatcher
User types within orders:
Contractor / Responsible / Stakeholders

The Streelogix mobile development journey.
Here we go!

List of implemented features

user management system
push notifications
cost management system
order form builder
work order tracking
dynamic dashboard with real-time updates
order attachments
order filter
downloading .CSV reports
order comments extension
geo-tagging screenshots
software integration with other systems

Order creation flow

Create work order → Select asset type → Enter date → Select status and priority → Enter work description → Add images → Add geotag → Send work order to contractor → Issue is fixed
logisctic app
mobile development
street asset management platform
streetlogix freshcode
react native development
mobile app streetlogix
cross platform app development
mobile application development
web development


Sequelize | NestJS
React Native + i18next,
Formik, MapboxGL, Redux
Toolkit, TypeScript, Axios
Material UI

API Integrations

aws s3
Development challenges: issues and solutions

Challenge 1

Mobile development:
Native app → cross-platform with React Native
Read the description by hovering over the headings one by one.

Challenge 2

Project management:
Establish effective communication with teams and stakeholders
Read the description by hovering over the headings one by one.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Involvement of internal Business Analysis and Consulting teams
Clear understanding of requirements and tasks by the dev team
Presented a low-code solution Portal.Freshcode Training Center launch.
Volunteering Center launch
Transparent and structured tasks and budget management
Seamless and continuous workflow
The team grew to 100 people.Start of the conference by London clojurians
Engagement of Freshcode business analysis and consulting teams
Conveying project requirements to the development team, and discussing tasks and solutions
On-budget software development and on-time delivery
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Handling tasks and budget management
Work with KPMG.
Launched close collaboration with local Universities to help young talents
Continuous workflow and communication with the stakeholders
functional requirements specification

Product social value: Freshcode view

The Streetlogix app is one more brick in the implementation of smart city concept and improvement of urban environment. It forges connections between citizens, municipalities, local governments, and road maintenance providers.

Citizen-centered services bring the world closer to a future of greater sustainability and efficiency. Freshcode is proud to contribute to this development and lead such socially significant projects.

Add work order in a fast and simple way
Optimize cross departmental collaboration
Empower public infrastructure maintenance
Map and report street problems
Track and manage information on the current state of infrastructure
Enhanced UX & UI design  
User management system
Data-driven logistics and BI tools
User-friendly GIS environment
Dynamic dashboard with real-time updates

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