Educadio: Digital Training Tool

Industry: Education
Country: Denmark
Size of the team: 4 people
Technologies used: Node.js, Meteor.js, PouchDB, CouchDB, React.js, Fabric.js
Duration of the Project: 4 month, ongoing
educadio case
educadio freshcode

Our team was tasked with providing Educadio's Digital Learning Tool solution with Online and Off-line modes of operation along with possibilities of collaborative work within local networks withoutInternet access. The client needed real-time synchronization for instant user collaboration and awide variety of collaborative work means, including video and text chats. Complex access level structure was required along with scaling up possibilities for larger number of users.


Digital Training Tool was implemented as a web-interface as well as a desktop application. The architecture was split into two parts. Sessions module was developed using CouchDB and PouchDB to allow off-line synchronization and collaborative work. Meteor.js was implemented for other utility modules of the application. Besides video and text chats for students interaction, video and audio upload support was carried out.

Business value

Educadio uses While Label production model that allows their clients to customize and re-brand Digital Training Tool solutions without substantial investments. Further plans include using Software as a Service (SaaS) licensing and delivery model to offer subscriptions to interested companies. At the moment, Educadio's solutions are represented at industry-wide expos throughout Europe.

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