Buckitdream: world's first dream platform

It is a mobile application for planning, storing, discussing, and sharing dreams with friends and family. Users can also share the dreams they have fulfilled and the journeys they took within the app and on social media

Our client had multiple needs


Correct the errors made by the previous development team and deploy and updated product

Ensure a stable high performance to reduce user complaints and outflow

Update the business-logic and broaden the application's feature set

Complete the first stage (code refactoring and performance enhancement) in under a month


Perform code refactoring

Upgrade the architecture

Develop and implement the functional and graphic redesign

The application's initial condition

The unstable application had a minimal number of poorly implemented features

One in four users removed the app after registration

App Store and Google Play ratings were under 3

The overall number of installations was under 10,000

Multiple customers complained about the app's performance

The freshcode team faced the challenges

2.5 months

Tight deadline to implement a full overhaul. The previous team did not meet the client's timeline and quality requirements

The 1st stage took 1 month
Stabilize the existing app with faulty architecture
Improve code quality and remove all bugs and errors
Establish the app's consistently high performance
Correct design errors for both platforms and various screen resolutions
The 2nd stage took 1.5 months
Implement the app's full redesign
Supply the app with new complex features
Synchronize the app with the client's main blog

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Feature set

Create dreams, bucket lists and share them with friends

Share dreams with friends and family via social media

Mark dreams as completed once they are fulfilled

Plan dreams, specifying locations, dates, and budget

Follow dreamers, browse, comment, and mark the best dreams and add them to a bucket list

Create private dreams to be shared with the inner circle

Mobile app


React native, Objective-C, Swift (for iOS) and Java, Kotlin (for Android), react, redux, redux-saga, firebase, deep linking


Node.js, Google Spanner ORM, Google Cloud Functions


Google Spanner

External services

Firebase, Google services

Blog/Survey CMS


MobX, React, Draft JS


Node.js, Google Spanner ORM, Google Cloud Functions


Google Spanner

We created the application using React Native and added custom native components written directly on Objective-C, Swift (for iOS) and Java, Kotlin (for Android).

The Freshcode Team produced the desired results

01 Commercial

Completed all tasks on time to speed up the launch of the updated application

Bolstered the app's performance and stability to reduce the number of user complaints by two-thirds

Boosted the app's popularity by the factor of 8, the overall number of installations exceeded 130,000

Increased the app's ratings by over 20%

Implemented new features to enhance user engagement among existing users

Provided 2 Senior developers in 2 days to jump straight into implementing the first stage

Saved the client's resources on headhunting, hiring, and maintaining the development team

Supplied the Project manager fluent in English to enable constant communication between the client and the team and oversee task assignment and management

Dynamically changed the team depending on the project's goals and budget, engaging 4 specialists at the first stage and 5 experts at the second stage

02 Technical

Refined the app's architecture to cut the new features' implementation time

Refactored the code and corrected errors to improve the app's performance and stability

Implemented new features to make the app more attractive to users

Lessons learned

Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Project's timeline
First stage - 1 month
Second stage - 1.5 months
Freshcode team
First stage
• Project manager - 1
• Senior developer - 2
Second stage
• Project manager - 1
• Senior developer - 4
Services rendered
Web development
Mobile development

Workflow Phases

Client's requirements assessment
Step-by-step development plan design to fit the client's schedule
Development roadmap and cost negotiation
Development plan implementation within the deadline
Regular communication with the client, interim reports, and project demos
The client's newly occurring requirements implementation
Finished product delivery to the client

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