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What is the Structure of the Development Team? 6 Key Roles Explained

What is the Structure of the Development Team? 6 Key Roles Explained

March 27, 2023
9 min read

Whether it's Fellowship of the Ring, Jack Sparrow's crew, or Ocean's Eleven, a good team is always the key to success. You probably know that great things in business are done neither by great leaders nor by technology but by good teamwork.

The IT industry is no exception. Behind every successful product development stays a strong software development team.

In this article, we will tell you what are the key roles and responsibilities of a software development team and how to choose the right IT specialists for your project.

Why is structuring your development team important?

A focused software development team helps your product grow and creates a productive and positive working environment. Skilled and eager to share knowledge and ideas, your team members can boost your project and even something more:


What are the roles in software development?

Each task within a software development project is assigned to a specific specialist, making everyone's responsibilities clear. Properly defined roles for every team member maximizes output from the entire team and help it work towards goals much more efficiently.

Let’s look at the typical software development team structure and its roles. These magnificent six can get your project off the ground.



How to build a development team from scratch?

You have a software development project at hand and need a team to bring it to life. Where to begin and how to build a win-win team composition? Here are 6 steps to get started.


Freshcode best practices: Building a team structure for business needs

We've helped companies worldwide to organize their projects with a dedicated development team or particular specialists to solve specific business challenges.

<medium>Here is one of our cases when a well-built Freshcode team drives a client's continued success and builds a long-term and trusted partnership.<medium>

Vetting and compliance

The client came to us with the request to scale his in-house team with Freshcode’s developer, designer, and QA engineer. In turn, we offer the most efficient outsourced team model with a Project manager on board.

After estimating all the benefits, <medium>the client approved our PM in the team<medium>. Further, results showed that it was a very good decision.

After completing the vetting and compliance process, we started the implementation of one module with the designer, QA, project manager, and developer.

Spot issues in project management processes

The initial process could have been more efficient as it was managed in Google Docs and Google Sheets. The priority of tasks was collected through numbered lists: the higher position in the list, the higher the priority.

We <medium>identified gaps in project management, poorly managed processes, and areas for improvement<medium>. It was challenging to convey the necessity of proper project and product management, as the chaotic approach stifled the project from moving forward. We decided to implement changes bit by bit and overcome internal resistance.

Power product development with the right tools

First, it was essential to organize all documentation and provide the team with the relevant tools to achieve effective project management. Relying on our previous successful experience, we brought a proven strategy to improve processes and boost the project.

<medium>As a result, we gained:<medium>

  • project data migration from Google Docs to Jira and Confluence
  • implementation of a comprehensive task descriptions system
  • implementation of a task prioritization system
  • improved release forecasting
  • product release planning strategy
  • higher team productivity

Implement Freshcode’s onboarding system

The previous client’s experience with adding specialists to the process was problematic. The team and development stagnated. To deal with this, <medium>we provide clients with our onboarding system developed over years of delivering digital products worldwide.<medium>

During this time we have been achieving significant results:

  • average time from request to onboarding is 2 weeks
  • average partnership duration is 1.5 years
  • employee retention rate is around 97%

Scaling team to expand product functionality

Thanks to suitable and timely improvements we seamlessly scaled our client's team with our specialists.<medium> One year later, continuing our partnership, the client requested a new scale-up<medium>. His product was growing, creating a need to develop new features and optimize the existing ones.

Based on his previous successful experience, our client was sure to continue his product development with the new Freshcode specialists involved.

<medium>As a result<medium>, there are 18 Freshcode professionals on this project today, and the client's product is constantly growing and attracting new customers.

Final thoughts

Despite the ChatGPT booming and general enthusiasm for AI technology, talented people and great teamwork have never been more important. Especially in unstable economic times, when fast decision-making, flexibility, and the ability to quickly adapt to changes are crucial for the success of any software project.

The key points we want you to remember:

  • the team is the most valuable asset of any business
  • hire talents not performers
  • good product team structure = boosted profits
  • a multi-talented team is a gateway to success
  • individual approach to team structuring is at the core

If you need some help to find your individual approach and scale your team with the right specialists, we are ready to discuss opportunities or send you information on how we can help.


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