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Top 5 Logistics Innovations, Tech Startups & Trends

MVP For Efficient Supply Chain Management: Trends & Success Stories

October 12, 2022
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The ancient Roman road system is one of the inventions that changed the world. Well-engineered a long time ago, it still has an impact today. This is what it means to successfully implement smart logistics solutions. But Rome was not built in a day. Every solution <medium>requires a good development team, deep analysis, and accurate decisions<medium> (and a little courage, ofc).

What makes your logistics startup unique? What is the problem you are solving? What is your tech solution?

Consider 5 outstanding logistics companies and their strengths to shape the best MVP strategy for your business case. Let's learn from the outstanding ones and create the future together.

Brief overview of the logistics industry in 2022

According to CB Insights State of Retail Tech Q1 report, the supply chain & logistics tech market remains stable and predictable. The funding of industry startups surpasses $9 billion in Q1 and keeps pace with 2021.

Also, today there are a number of <medium>new unicorns in the supply chain & logistics<medium>, including the following subdomains:


So, from autonomous trucking to robotic warehouses, <medium>tech innovation<medium> upends every aspect of the industry and tops logistics development trends.

The high level of <medium>mergers and acquisitions (M&A)<medium> activity in the logistics sector is the next global trend. The most active spike is observed in transportation, warehousing space, and supply-chain technology. Nearly all (96%) retail exits in Q1'22 resulted from M&A. There were 91 agreements in the eСommerce sector and 37 acquisitions in the supply chain and logistics technology domain.

Logistics changes both due to customer demands and technological progress. According to the eСommerce shopping experience study, 83% of surveyed users ordering online expect an accurate delivery date when deciding whether to buy a product from a site.

So, the <medium>enhanced delivery timeline<medium> is the third logistics trend on our list. Here is more statistics showcasing current trends in the logistics industry:

logistics 2022 2023 trends

5 Top logistics startups to watch in 2022 & 2023

To show major trends shaping the logistics industry, we choose five startups that inspired us the most. Each implements a unique approach and technology set, <medium>bringing value and innovations to logistics.<medium>

In each case, we briefly explain the company's business idea and tech solution. Scroll down and choose your favorite ✅

1. CircularTree

<medium>Logistics category:<medium> supply chain compliance management

<medium>Country:<medium> Germany

<medium>About:<medium> CircularTree, the Berlin startup, has already found its place in the European market. This data services company provides digital twin solutions to coordinate supply chain sustainability and compliance responsibilities.

CircularTree works on optimizing long and complex supply chains in different industries, including the automotive industry (collaboration with BASF, Motherson, and Porsche).

Blockchain technology is long gone beyond the FinTech domain. Today it covers a much larger area, simplifying people's lives and business operations. CircularTree successfully uses it, ensuring transparent and efficient logistics and asset tracking processes.

The platform benefits from this technology, making transactions considerably more transparent than those provided by centralized systems. Many academic studies argue the efficiency of blockchain in logistics, and such companies as CircularTree prove this in practice.

2. Swyft

Swyft Logistics Canada Development

<medium>Logistics category:<medium> B2B marketplace for same-day logistic

<medium>Country:<medium> Canada

<medium>About:<medium> Swyft is a logistics startup focused on optimizing last-mile delivery in USA and Canada. It works with eCommerce/DTC brands, retailers and 3PLs.

To achieve its goals, including the creation of high-efficient and integrated supply chain, Swyft offers handy software solutions. The company enables merchants to provide their clients with ground-rate one-day shipping with

  • Swyft eCommerce plugins (i.e. Shopify)
  • Swyft API

3. Cubbo

Cubbo Logistics  Development LatAm

<medium>Logistics category:<medium> DTC eCommerce fulfillment

<medium>Country:<medium> Colombia

<medium>About:<medium> Cubbo is a turn-key logistics provider for e-commerce businesses in Latin America. It fulfills eCommerce orders for DTC brands and also bets on same-day logistics, fast delivery, and an integrated supply chain - the main trends of today's logistics world.

This LatAm logistics company is a pioneer in the region: Cubbo is building the <medium>largest urban warehouse fulfillment network throughout Latin America.<medium>

Cubbo offers:

  • solutions to repurpose real estate assets (abandoned strip malls, unused brick-and-mortar outlets, etc)
  • new urban distribution spaces for eCommerce businesses
  • software with a handy client dashboard and great UI
  • full integration with eCommerce leading platforms (Shopify, Mercado Libre, V-TEX, and more)

Interesting fact: Cubbo manages a fully-remote team, proving that the work-from-anywhere model is a totally viable concept.


4. Shipium

<medium>Logistics category:<medium> shipping platform for eCommerce retail

<medium>Country:<medium> USA

<medium>About:<medium> Shipium is a US-based integrated logistics platform offering coordination of product, process, and logistics decisions to manage e-commerce last-mile delivery.

It helps retailers provide quick, free, and on-time delivery by unifying previously disjointed supply chain procedures.

Shipium is a centralized ecosystem that connects different supply chain actors and offers merchants the most efficient ways to complete a delivery. Shipium's software superpower is filling the gap between Order Management Systems (OMS) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

Shipium's developers equipped their product with:

  • flexible API that fits any existing process
  • efficient data modeling that helps automate decisions thanks to data analysis

The software maps every fulfillment site in your network (whether they are warehouses, retail locations, or anything else) and help users stay aware of important pull times, operation dates, and other location-specific information.

5. SupplyPike

<medium>Logistics category:<medium> retail analytic software

<medium>Country:<medium> USA

<medium>About:<medium> SupplyPike is a cloud-based retail data software that helps retailers maximize cash flow and comply with OTIF metrics. Thanks to machine learning instruments, businesses can automate disputes, boost recovery rates, and pinpoint core issues within a single application.

Reaching OTIF goals is possible thanks to convenient OTIF dispute instruments identifying invalid fines and preparing data proof, as well as expert service monitoring changing compliance requirements.


Freshoce case: Street asset management platform

Logistics management software is <medium>one of the engines of the data-driven future.<medium> Developing a logistics app you become responsible for the effectiveness of appropriate actions that should be taken without delay.

Here we want to share Freshcode logistics development experience and show you our Streetlogix case.

Streetlogix is an asset management application that enables municipalities to manage roadway infrastructure more efficiently and sustainably. It is designed to <medium>effortlessly manage street assets and handle complex data<medium> in an intuitive way as easy to use as a smartphone. Users can schedule, track and manage service requests and receive automatic updates anywhere and anytime.

<medium>Streetlogix's business goal:<medium> to simplify the process of handling thousands of points of digital data and make the best use of the client's budget

<medium>Solution:<medium> AI-enhanced tools that shorten asset management tasks from hours to minutes

<medium>Freshcode task:<medium> scaling and optimizing Streetlogix Work Order Management System

Freshcode and Streetlogix cooperation started in 2020. The client came to us with a web development request to scale up. Today Streetlogix is a full-fledged product with up-to-date technology and enriched functionality under the hood, including:


Final thoughts

Seamless and speeded-up global supply chains are on the agenda right now. In order to implement them and comply with high customer expectations, businesses have to rethink their logistics processes and make sure their technology is up to date.

<medium>"Without logistics, the world stops".<medium> So, being a leading player in the chain management and logistics business is to be Atlas with the world on the shoulder. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Such an important mission requires thorough preparation and a lot of time. The Freshcode team is always ready to fulfill your business with a tech-savvy strategy. We are happy to contribute to a people-centered app such as Streetlogix we described above.

If you want to know more about our <medium>logistics expertise<medium> or get <medium>an estimation of your project<medium> — we offer you a free consultation (and a warm welcome). Or just contact our COO on Linkedin to get info about Freshcode solutions.


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