Research: The Development Challenges of Clojure

Through this research, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview that aids decision-making, promotes community growth, and fosters innovation in Clojure software development practices.

We gathered insights on the benefits and challenges of Clojure from the perspectives of those who use it to better understand the hurdles the Clojure community faces. The Freshcode team conducted interviews with 52 Clojurists from various parts of the globe, posing these questions:

  • What draws you to use Clojure, and what are your primary reasons for choosing it?
  • Why do you think Clojure has yet to gain more popularity?
  • What solutions do you envision for the Clojure community's faster growth?

After compiling the feedback, we analyzed the quantitative and qualitative data to identify the most typical viewpoints and insights.

This research is primarily designed for software engineers, project managers, and technology decision-makers considering Clojure for their development projects. It will also be invaluable to members of the Clojure community looking to understand the broader challenges and opportunities within their field.

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