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Scaling Telecom Operations

Freshcode enabled a US telecom to transition from legacy Java to a scalable Elixir system, automating SLA checks, integrating custom IoT, and cutting development costs.
United States
Legacy System
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Our client, a U.S. telecom service company, has provided Internet and IoT solutions to a diverse client base since 2007. To optimize SLA management, custom IoT integrations, and development costs, they've partnered with Freshcode. The goal was to migrate from their old Java infrastructure to a scalable Elixir system developed by Freshcode.
Team Composition
2 Elixir developers
A project manager
A business analyst
A QA Engineer


With tens of thousands of connected endpoints, the telecom company urgently needed a system that could scale more effectively. The Java-based infrastructure exhibited a steep scalability curve, managing only 5,000 devices per server, which bottlenecked the ability to grow and adapt.

Inefficient SLA

Managing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with corporate clients was slow and increased the risk of breaches.

Limited IoT

The old Java system limited custom endpoint integration, critically constraining the IoT services for 50,000 connected devices.

Expensive Development

Maintaining and expanding the legacy system became increasingly costly, restricting the budget for new technology investments.

Delayed Releases

Rolling out critical updates and new features took three months, placing the company at a competitive disadvantage.
Client issues


Accelerated Development

Freshcode reduced the release cycle, including project planning, development, and QA, to just one month, allowing for quicker rollouts of new features and updates.

Team Size

We implemented a QA-derived system, incorporating an Elixir-based DSL to reproduce complex test cases quicker and streamline database and IoT operations. Coupled with an effective onboarding program for new Elixir engineers, this strategy cut hiring and training expenses and boosted development velocity.


The solution ensured high availability with multi-data-center replication, automatic data orchestration, and hot code updates, achieving just 20 minutes of downtime in the first year despite major network failures.

Optimized Data Gathering

A revamped data service lowered CPU requirements, enabling cheaper server use and reducing operational costs. Data latency dropped from 10 minutes to 10 seconds.


A thorough business analysis was conducted to reverse-engineer requirements from the undocumented legacy codebase. This process involved discussions with stakeholders and analysis of the existing system to ensure a seamless transition to the new Elixir system.


The team made custom adjustments to the firmware for endpoint devices, including optimizations for Linux on ARM-based devices with 64MB RAM. This enabled real-time traffic analysis to improve service quality and reliability.

Post-Upgrade Progess

New Users Acquired by our Client
With the new Elixir-based service management system, our client enabled market expansion, growing the client base in a new region.
Faster Development
Freshcode's Elixir-based DSL for IoT operations reduced the time needed for test case reproduction and database operations by 30%, translating to a faster development speed.
Cost Reduction
Transitioning from Java to Elixir enhanced SLA management and service-to-client alignment, resulting in significant cost savings.

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