Case study

Elixir ERP for Beauty Business

Freshcode revamped a US beauty services business by developing a multi-tenant ERP system with Elixir/Phoenix, replacing legacy PHP software. This modernization improved business analytics and reporting for 1,000 franchises and reduced operational expenses by 35%.
United States
Beauty & Wellness
Phoenix, Oban, Apache Kafka, SingleStore
Legacy System
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The client encountered various obstacles with their legacy system that hampered the operations across an expansive franchise network.
Client issues
System Complexity
Overseeing a multi-tenant architecture for numerous locations was notably burdensome, demanding significant effort and time to ensure smooth operations across the expansive network.
Legacy Analytics
The legacy PHP system limited real-time analytics, causing scheduling issues and inaccuracies for guest walk-ins and client appointments.
Inefficient Reporting
Compiling network-wide reports was a manual process fraught with errors, making it unreliable and inefficient.


Freshcode deployed a full-stack solution utilizing Elixir/Phoenix and associated tools.

New Reporting Module

Utilizing Elixir and Phoenix for the core development, this module integrates Ecto, Oban, and Broadway for data management, background processing, and handling high-volume data, streamlining operations and cutting costs.

Real-Time Data Processing

Custom MySQL binlog row replication and Kafka enabled real-time data analytics across numerous database instances.

Migration Strategy

Testing against the PHP "gold standard" for reporting accuracy, ensuring a seamless shift to the new Phoenix module, with attention to maintaining data integrity and operational continuity

Lambda Architecture

Combining rapid in-memory analytics with SingleStore, this approach ensured seamless report management and scalability.
Team Composition
2 Elixir developers
A project manager
A business analyst

Freshcode Achievements

Freshcode logo
Advanced Data
Introducing low-latency analytics significantly improved large-scale data management, enabling faster and more accurate business insights.
60 Minutes
Reduced data latency from 24 hours to just 1 hour
Server Setup
A new, more economical columnar data storage solution was implemented, simplifying franchise management.
5x Optimized
Downsized from 20 to 4 AWS servers for DB and ETL
The migration to the new Elixir ERP was executed flawlessly, maintaining data integrity and without disrupting daily operations.
Zero Downtime
Ensured uninterrupted operations during system migration

Client Advantages with the New ERP


Franchise owners can now remotely manage multiple locations and swiftly update prices, services, and other settings across all stores.


The new ERP streamlined online booking, reducing no-shows, optimizing walk-in management, and maximizing staff efficiency.


The system generates customized reports through easy search and filtering options, providing detailed insights into clients, memberships, locations, and personnel.
Cut Operational Costs by 35%
A state-of-the-art, low-latency analytics solution that enhanced large-scale data management.
A cost-effective data storage solution that simplified franchise management and upgrades.
A seamless transition to the new system, maintaining data integrity and ensuring the accuracy of business insights.
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