Crochet Pattern Builder

amigurumio case is the crochet app, fully optimized to provide a hassle-free crocheting experience for amigurumi lovers. With a pattern constructor, users can create their own designs or customize existing ones for crafting exclusive toys.

User-friendly even for non-tech-savvy crocheters
Responsive design and handy toolset
Customized patterns and exclusive toys as a result

Project details

crochet pattern builder
PM, Full-Stack Developer, QA Engineer, Team Lead
July - October 2021
Services rendered:
Web Development, Project Management, Software Testing, Business Analytics
Freemium business model

Client's request

Need to develop a web application
that includes asset library, artboard,
and option to download/purchase PDFs

Freshcode product delivery stages

1. Business Analytics

Input project data processing
Cost and time estimations
Gantt Chart
Description of the most suitable tech stack
Initial architecture diagram
Project launch
Data integration and management in Confluence
Spotting missing requirements
Functional and non-functional requirements
Design specifications for the admin panel

2. Project Management

Implementation roadmap
Efficient workflow
Interim demos
Timely reports
Final launch support

3. Software development

Data modeling
Building an interactive canvas (pattern constructor)
Admin dashboard development
Implementing file uploading
Payment system integration
CRM integration (data collecting, email campaigns)
Post-launch maintenance

4. Software testing

Testing requirements
Creating testing checklist
Testing interactive constructor
Testing admin dashboard
Testing payment system integration
Cross-browser testing
Mobile testing on Android & iOS devices
Load testing
Сhecking Google Analytics setup

Amigurumi (Japanese: 編みぐるみ) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures.

Pattern creation process

Create a new canvas → Select the crochet piece → Select color → Combine toy pieces → Change/delete elements if needed → Save the layout → Download PDF instructions → Start crocheting!

lifestyle app
toy pattern builder
web app development
mobile app development
js app development
art&design app


NodeJS NestJS Express Sequelize
React Mobx React Hook Form

API Integrations

google analytics
api integrations
Key features
we've implemented

Toy Pattern Builder

Сrochet pieces library

Users can mix and match toy crochet pieces on a canvas. Different-sized amigurumi heads, ears, bodies, arms, wings, legs, and tails, all are designed to be proportional and easy to make.

Toy constructor

After a user chooses a crochet piece and drops it on the canvas, the app combines it with other elements to create a multilayer image. Patterns are split into individual pieces, from ears to paws. Users can mix and match amigurumi pieces to create a toy, choosing types and changing colors.

Crochet instruction generator

A PDF instruction is automatically created after saving the toy design. Users can access a free crochet guide to turn their pattern into a toy. Additionally, a premium version with illustrated additions is also available.

Save point

Users can return anytime to the crochet pattern generator to adjust the layout, update the crochet pieces, or change the colors. The saved design is accessible by the link and can be shared.

Admin Dashboard

Asset library / Responsive design / SVG implementations
Users can access the admin dashboard and perform the following actions:
Sign in
Reset password
Manage asset:
• add new pieces as assets
• edit current assets
• delete assets
• publish/unpublish assets

outcomes & prospects

Freshcode and Amigurumio shared a common goal: to provide crocheters with a people-centric and up-to-date experience. From quick patterns to fully finished amigurumi toys, this crochet app enables people to craft beautiful gifts and cozy decor.

We've done our best to make Amigurumi:

unlike the traditional crochet method that requires designers to manually create paper patterns, Amigurumio allows users to design funky toy just in a few clicks


Amigurumio is a user-friendly app with an intuitive UI, making it accessible even for non-tech-savvy users

empowered with
interactive UX

users can enjoy an enhanced designing experience with a handy digital toolset

emails were already sent to Amigurumio users
crochet pieces were used in saved patterns
project delivery delays

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