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The news aggregator app gives access to public safety information and keeps users connected with what's happening right now. Whether you're jogging in the park, working at the office or partying with friends, breaking news is always at your fingertips. Tipster offers you to stay informed wherever you are and respond quickly to accidents.

Application type: Media, News, Content
Versions: Web and Mobile
Languages: English/Spanish
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For users

To stay up-to-date with the latest news — you'll be informed for every moment on your smartphone or your computer
Customized news feed and news alerts — you don't need to search new or update website pages manually
Relevant stories based on users location — you can receive local safety-affiliated news and search information by states and areas
Social responsibility — don't stay away from ongoing in your area and be able to react to the emergency quickly and distinctly

For businesses

Advertising space for online ad

For the public and social sector

Improving communication between public safety departments and the local communities
Heightening awareness of public safety issues on the local and national levels


Development of a platform to connect, inform and unite communities in the USA within the public safety
Creation of a simple and lightweight mobile application
Initial Technical Requirements
Using Twitter API for news feeds generation
Creating several notification types due to their emergence level
Creating high performance and stable app experience
Developing both web and mobile app versions


News import — collecting Twitter topic-related news and displaying them into the customized news feed with the source name, author name, and publish date
Push notifications — receiving news alerts and getting snippets of information before reading the entire news
News categorization and filtering options — enabling users to get news using a range of filters quickly and easily and consuming news as per their preference:
Topic filter — personal customizing via selecting news topics user wants to be informed about
Location filter — filtering news by geography allowing users to read location-based news only
Emergency filter — breaking news on top of others (amber alert, silver alert, blue alert, weather alert)
Personalized settings — customized news and alerts as per user's accordances
Accessing different media types — supporting images, GIFs and video for enhanced user experience
News feed — enable users to track a list of the latest news related to various topics
Social sharing — allows readers to share articles via copy-link button or repost them on Facebook or Twitter automatically
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1) Freshcode Portal toolkit: reducing development costs
Time is the most valuable resource and every client wants to get the soonest result without delay and without sacrificing quality.
SOLUTION: We used Freshcode Portal, our own platform developed to simplify the software development process and reduce overall costs. It provides:
Full automation of key business processes without complex diagrams and enterprise systems
Custom ERP development tailored for each client to gain operational, managerial, and strategic benefits
Emergency filter — breaking news on top of others (amber alert, silver alert, blue alert, weather alert)
We offer clients constrained by tight deadlines to benefit from automated and expedited software development processes via Portal. Freshcode dev team used its ready-made toolkit for this project and got an expected successful result.
2) Issues with alert configuring when a set of alerts run over similar datasets
Some events in the alert's search results had the same keywords and caused multiple alert triggers on the same data at the same time.
SOLUTION: We updated alert configuring to handle duplicate/redundant alerts and eliminate unwanted data duplicates when patterns match.
3) Handling notifications on mobile devices depending on their state: Firebase Cloud Messaging issue

During working on notifications service extension we were faced with several issues.

FCM, Data only (silent notification). Initially, we chose to send silent remote notifications via Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Nothing foretold troubles until we faced the killed app state. Depending on the mobile device states, such notifications are handled differently.

While FCM silent push notifications operate perfectly in Foreground, Background and Quit modes, this method doesn't work when the application is closed forcefully (Killed app). So, the idea to set notifications via FCM background (silent) handler failed.

FCM, Notification-Only (alert notification). Then we decided to make a u-turn and try FCM Notification-Only. But after a short analysis, such an approach in our case turned out to be too cumbersome given the specificity of notifications filter configuration (1 location * 2 languages * 3 notification types).

SOLUTION: Finally, we stopped at OneSignal push notifications service and it became a workable solution due primarily to its Data Tags feature. We were looking for a solution to the problem of filtering and coherently categorizing push messages by Location, App Language, and Turn on/off speсific notification (instead of generating plenty of topics for each Location). OneSignal provides filtering of connected clients before sending notifications and therefore it perfectly suits such a task.


Web developer
Mobile developer
Backend developer
QA engineer
Project manager

Aug 2020 — Dec 2020

Mobile Development
Web development
UI/UX Design
Backend & Database
Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL, PostgreSQL
Mobile Development
React Native
External Services
Twitter API
Google API


Client's requirements assessment

Step-by-step project plan development and feature prioritization

Development plan implementation

Regular communication with the client, interim reports, and project demos

The client's occurring requirements implementation

Ongoing new features implementation and tech support


When it comes to public safety and protection of people — even the tiniest detail matters. In the emergency communication systems every second counts. You become responsible for the effectiveness and promptness of appropriate actions that should be taken without delay.

It has taught us:
to take even more attention to details;
provide maximum reliability, high performance, and quick and easy debugging;
create easy-to-use mobile apps with a simple design and an intuitive interface.
Freshcode thanks for this partnership and hope such a socially significant product will be further developed.
Introducing the Tipster App: Public Safety at Your Fingertips

Tipster provides real-time, relevant, and reliable pubic safety tips, resources, news, & alerts. This information is sourced from your city, county, state, and federal public safety departments.

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